OAGC Exhibitors’ and Judges’ School #1 was held May 22-23, 2017. The following galleries highlight: The History of Floral Design (taught by Mary Lee Minor) and Educational Exhibits (taught by Beverly Norman) .

School #2 will be held September 18 and 19, 2017 at Deer Creek State Park Lodge and Conference Center near Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

Twice each year, the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs holds the 2-day educational opportunity Exhibitors’ and Judges’ School. As the name suggests, the schools are packed with knowledgable speakers on a myriad of subjects – all in the interest in becoming a better grower, floral designer and flower show exhibitor. In addition, the school is the training arena for those wishing to be an OAGC accredited flower show judge. OAGC flower show judges must maintain certain amount of attendance of these schools in order to maintain their active judge status.

The full series runs 6 schools over a span of 3 years. Student judges must pass tests and undergo a student judge period before becoming accredited.

Floral Design History Program by Mary Lee Minor. Designs were made by Myrna Cordray, Mary Lee Minor, Naomi Ormes and Juanita Wilkins.


Educational Exhibits




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