The OAGC Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity that was established in 1984 to help carry out educational and charitable activities of The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. (OAGC). Click HERE to see a PowerPoint presentation of what the OAGC Foundation does.

The OAGC Foundation

The OAGC Foundation annually awards scholarships to select horticulture/floriculture students attending an Ohio college, university or technical school. Click HERE for the Scholarship Application Form and Information. Application deadline is March 15 of each year.

It also provides funding through grants for OAGC Inc. publications and special projects endorsed by OAGC Inc. Click HERE for a Grant Application.

Monies are raised by donations from clubs, members and non-members; deferred gifts; memorial gifts; incremental gifts; special gifts; becoming an OAGC Foundation Patron (through a contribution of $500); fundraisers, etc. Donations may be sent to the OAGC Foundation Treasurer.

An OAGC Foundation Patron is one who makes a one-time donation of $500 or more to the OAGC Foundation. The donor may designate to which fund the donation is directed. OAGC Foundation Patrons automatically become Life Members of OAGC, are recognized at annual OAGC convention, recognized in OAGC quarterly publication, The Garden Path, and receive a subscription to The Garden Path for life.

The OAGC Foundation accepts contributions to several restricted funds: General Fund, Nature and Conservation Fund, Scholarship Fund and Wahkeena Nature Preserve Fund. Additionally, the OAGC Foundation accepts donations to temporarily restricted funds as needs arise.


OAGC Foundation Development Director

Babs Sabick
1128 Darlington Dr
Beavercreek, OH 45434


OAGC Foundation
Board Chair

Charlene Thornhill
427 Southbrooke Dr.
Greenville, OH 45332

OAGC Foundation Secretary
Vicki Ferguson
2853 Circlewood Ln.
Dayton, OH 45458

OAGC Foundation Secretary

Vicki Ferguson
2853 Circlewood Ln.
Dayton, OH 45458

Region 3 Director
Carol Hosbrook-Cole
616 Edgewood Dr.
Monroe, OH 45050

OAGC Foundation Treasurer

Carol Hosbrook-Cole
958 Kings Dr.,
Greenville, OH 45331

Board of Trustees

The OAGC Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised composed of the Executive Officers of The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. and up to six past state OAGC board members. In addition to the OAGC Executive Officers, other OAGC Foundation Trustees are: Judy Christman, Vicki Ferguson, Geri Rea, Babs Sabick, Susy Spence, and Charlene Thornhill.

General Fund

The OAGC Foundation’s General Fund supports state awards and the OAGC Foundation’s operating expenses. The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. bestows special awards for worthy individuals or clubs at the annual convention. A donation of $2500 or more to the OAGC Foundation allows the donor to create a named award.

Nature and Conservation Fund

The Nature and Conservation Fund supports projects dedicated to the environment and all its natural resources.

Wahkeena State Nature Preserve Fund

Wahkeena Nature Preserve is located six miles south of Lancaster, Ohio in Fairfield County and is owned by the Ohio Historical Connection and managed by the Fairfield County Historical Parks.

In 1930, Dr. Frank Warner bought a rundown hill farm and presented it to his new bride Carmen Hambleton Warner, who turned it into an oasis of beauty and named it Wahkeena.  Carmen, an OAGC member,  was actively interested in nature and conservation and established OAGC’s annual Nature Study Camp (renamed Nature Study Retreat). An agreement was drawn up between the Ohio Historical Society (OHS) as per Mrs. Warner’s will and OAGC. This agreement with OHS allowed for donations collected for Wahkeena by OAGC to be given to OHS. OHS would invest and administer the OAGC Wahkeena Fund for use for educational purposes. Recently, a new agreement was arranged for site management between the Ohio History Connection (formerly known as OHS), the Fairfield County Historical Parks and the OAGC Foundation. The preserve is open to the general public. An on-site curator is available to answer questions and give tours.

The OAGC Foundation has a Temporarily Restricted Fund for Wahkeena support with regards to financially assisting school field trip groups with transportation expenses. The Sarah Budnick Memorial Transportation Fund was created following the passing of OAGC state past president Sarah Budnick.

Scholarship Fund

The OAGC Foundation annually awards scholarships of an amount not less than $1000. The recipient must choose an accredited Ohio college or technical school beyond the high school level which offers courses leading to a career in the fields of horticulture, conservation, nature and beautification, landscape design, landscape contracting, commercial florist or floral arts. The applicant does not need to be a resident of Ohio. The eligibility is determined solely by the scholastic ability and serious career intent of the applicant without regard to race, gender, age, creed and/or economic status. The deadline to submit the scholarship application form and all supporting documentation is March 15. The Scholarship Application Form and Instructions can be downloaded HERE.

The Nature Study Retreat Junior Camper Scholarships

This fund was established in 2009. Any junior (under the age of 18) attending Nature Study Retreat for the first time may apply for scholarship assistance by contacting the state OAGC Nature Study Retreat chair who will forward the request to the OAGC Foundation Development Director.

Student Flower Show Judge Grant

This grant was established in 2018. Any individual completing the training provided by The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. (OAGC) to become an OAGC accredited flower show judge may apply for this grant. After successfully passing all schools and their student judging, the new judge may submit the grant application to be reimbursed for the registration fee for up to six of the schools. The application must be submitted to the OAGC Foundation Development Director within 6 months of receiving the OAGC Flower Show Judge Accreditation. The grant application form can be found HERE.

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