Hello OAGC Garden Club Members,

I hope that your summer has been a good one. My garden has benefitted from the extra time that I have had to devote to it. We are so fortunate to have a little plot of land to beautify. Gardening has been a comfort and a blessing for all of us at this time.

With all the cancelations of our flower shows this year doing a “virtual” flower show has been on my mind. How fun would it be to do an artistic arrangement in the comfort of your home, enter it for competition, and not have to transport everything to a show! That sounds pretty intriguing to me!

So with that in mind Doris Hager and I collaborated on writing OAGC’s first “virtual” flower show. For this competition you will do your design at home, take a picture of it and then send it to me via email along with your entry form. 

For our first attempt at this type of show we decided to keep things simple and not complicated hoping that many of you will want to enter this show. There are no size restrictions on the designs except for the small and miniature designs and we trust that you will measure those yourself and be within the guidelines for those two designs. Also there are no class entry limits. Each exhibitor may enter as many classes as you choose but you may only enter each class once. We also included a novice class for those of you that have maybe never entered a state flower show competition.

Please read over the schedule carefully. If there are any questions please contact me. Entries will be received until September 30, 2020.

So here is your chance to have some fun entering a flower show from the comforts of your own home. Doris and I are looking forward to seeing your creations. We hope that you take the challenge!

Happy designing,

Deborah Graham – OAGC Flower Shows Chair 2020-2022



2020 OAGC Virtual Artistic Flower Show

August 18 – September 30, 2020


1. This is a virtual artistic flower show. Designs will be judged from your emailed picture. 

2. The flower show is open to all OAGC members. The design of any class must be the work of  

    the exhibitor.

3. An exhibitor may enter as many classes as you choose but only one entry per class. 

4. Use a background to enhance the designs and photo. 

5. Designs should have been done in the 2020 year. 

6. The novice class is for anyone who has not received a blue ribbon at an OAGC State Flower 


7. Judging will be done in accordance with the OAGC Handbooks. 

8. Judging will be done virtually by OAGC accredited judges. Awards will be given  

    at the discretion of the judges, whose decision is final.

9. No artificial plant or silk material permitted in any class. Dried material may be 

    painted or altered in any fashion. However, the coloring or painting of fresh material

  is not permitted. Accessories may be used. Plant material may be obtained from 

    any source.

10. Ribbons of first, second, third and fourth place will be given in each class.

11. A rosette will be given for the Best of Show, the Judge’s Award of Distinction and 

    the Artistic Creativity Design Award.

12. The show entry form should be copied, filled out and emailed along with the photo of the 

     design. Each class entry should be a separate email. Entries must be emailed to 

     Deborah Graham at dgraham@centurylink.net by September 30, 2020.

13. Awards will be announced in the Winter issue of the Garden Path. Ribbons will 

     be given out at the next OAGC event.

“Melodies in the Garden”

 1“Garden Party” – An exhibitional table picture – Type 2  

 2. “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” – A transparency design

 3. “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” – A design incorporating daisies – Novice class

 4. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree”– Incorporate wood in the design

 5. “Waltz of the Flowers” – A traditional mass design

 6. How Does Your Garden Grow” – A creative design

 7. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – A design using multiple colors of flowers

 8. “Singing in the Rain” – A design of your own interpretation

 9. “Edelweiss” – A miniature design. Measuring 5” or less in any one direction    

10“Build Me up Buttercup” – A small design. Measuring more than 5” but less than 12” in 

                                                  any one direction


2020 OAGC Virtual Artistic Flower Show

August 18  September 30, 2020

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