Food Supply Concerns Motivate Female Entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh to Help Families Grow Life-Sustaining Gardens

Pittsburgh, PA: Root Cause, a full service garden and homesteading organization, has been founded in Pittsburgh. Founded in part by internationally known rapper, singer, activist and entrepreneur Kellee Maize, Root Cause is supported by a group of 20 other female entrepreneurs. After witnessing empty grocery store shelves due to the COVID-19 chaos, this group of women recognized food as not only a root cause of concern in the crisis but also as the key to changing many other issues that exist on the planet today.

In addition to planning and maintaining edible gardens and homesteads for clients, Root Cause aims to mend the disconnect between people and the earth that our food comes from by providing support in a variety of related areas such as:

  • Greenhouse construction
  • Medicinal plant gardens
  • Chicken coop set-up and maintenance
  • Beehive set-up and maintenance
  • Indoor growing facilitation
  • Harvesting and canning
  • Custom raised garden beds

The founding members of Root Cause are experienced educators. For families who wish to create and maintain gardens or homesteads on their own, the group will provide teaching and resources so that children and adults can participate. Root Cause is prepared to provide training in planning, creating, maintaining, harvesting and preserving a sustainable permaculture food-bearing environment on their land.

Other founders include lifelong gardener, forager and yoga instructor Tami Gingrow; permaculture designer, herbalist, and tantra instructor Michelle Czolba; and massage therapist, energy healer, and community organizer Roxanne Banks-Williams. These four founders and the majority of other members are mothers who believe strongly that this knowledge of how to live sustainably must be passed down to the next generation as a means of survival and wellness.

Root Cause’s goal is to provide an open source of information as the organization grows so that the team can expand and empower other communities across the globe to follow suit.

About Root Cause: Root Cause is a full service garden and homesteading organization dedicated to helping its community create and maintain gardens and homesteads. Founded in April 2020, Root Cause looks forward to serving the Pittsburgh community and beyond through a variety of gardening, homesteading, and teaching services.

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