Jenna Bonnoront has been growing for fun and for a career for nearly 30 years, getting her love of gardening from her parents.  She has worked in many facets of the home gardening industry, spending almost 15 years in merchandising, marketing, and research and development for Gardens Alive.  While there, Jenna focused on finding the very best fruits, vegetables, and organic pest  & disease controls to offer home gardeners.  In January 2020, she started Growfully LLC, her own consulting business, and continues to trial vegetables, fruits, herbs, and annual flower varieties from breeders around the world. Visit Growfully with Jenna on her YOUTUBE channel as she shares specific varieties and gives advice on how to increase enjoyment and success in the garden.

Jenna presented two different topics at the 2022 Garden Symposium: Get the Most Out of Your Veggies & Ornamental Edibles.

In the powerpoint – Get the Most Out of Your Veggies – Jenna presents in depth about the BIG 4; Variety Selection, Sunlight & Water, Harvest Timing, Soil & Nutrition.

In Ornamental Edibles – Jenna shows and tells about using ornamental edibles right in your home landscaping.  She highlights varieties of lettuce, mustard, chard, okra, strawberries, grape, gourd, spinach, sweet corn, among other vegetables.  Jenna tells of the varieties, habit, foliage, and taste.

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