Hopping from Region to Region Fall 2022 


As adventurers, travelers and OAGC representatives, Debbie Downes, Jill Bader and June Gebhardt greatly enjoyed the hops across the state for all the region meetings during the months of October and November. The seasonal fall weather and landscape views enhanced that joy!


Region 1– Region 1’s fall meeting was hosted by the Delta Community and Swanton Garden Clubs at the Delta Church of Christ in Delta, Ohio. There were very nice raffle and sales tables. We enjoyed a talk by Amy Stone from the OSU Extension Office in Toledo. We appreciated the Delta Police giving a talk on how to know and avoid scams. After lunch, there was a fun gourd painting activity where everyone got to show off their creativity! 

Region 2

Riverbend Park, Brugeman Lodge is just outside Findlay Ohio. The region held a flower show. Sponsors provided raffle baskets. The morning kicked off with a fun morning mixer where we got to meet new friends and learn a bit about their garden clubs. Charlene Guingrich received a well-deserved Citation Award for her service to OAGC. Sue Platt and Mary Ann Gallant showed us how to sow for winter in milk jugs. Juanita Wilkins gave flower show tips. Ashley Kulhanik, Medina OSU Extension Educator taught us about the many native bees here in Ohio.

Region 3– Members met in Greenville and started the day with Grace Stacy, Region 3 Gardener of the Year, giving a presentation on her gardens. Mandy Duncan was installed as the new Regional Secretary. Then Tony Niekamp spoke, “All about Ponds”. The meeting center was a beautiful setting to relax and socialize over lunch. In the afternoon, Caitlin Miller from Miller’s Florist spoke on “Helpful Hints on Growing Plants”. Be sure to check out Miller’s website for lots of cool information. 

Region 4– Pan City and Symmes Late Bloomers hosted the Region 4 meeting in Loveland. Along with great horticulture and design displays, they had vendors, recognitions, and awards. In the afternoon, Tom Bowling entertained and wowed us with his Seasonal Sensation Arrangements. 

Region 5– In Raymond Ohio at the Liberty Township Community Building Region 5 promoted wildlife attraction and deterrence with Barbara Ray, Dublin’s Nature Education Coordinator and previous Director for the Ohio Wildlife Center

Audrey Kise shared winter sowing of native plants. Berwick Pizza delivered pizza and salad for lunch. 

Region 6– Seneca County clubs welcomed us to Faith United Methodist Church in Tiffin, Ohio. Each club created an educational tri-fold poster with photos of the happenings during the last 6 months. Very colorful and informative and this gave information without taking up meeting time. There were wonderful goodies offered at the sales and raffle tables. Gale Martin, promoted planting only Ohio native species as they bloom at the correct time for migrators and pollinators. Rob Ledwedge gave an interesting talk on rocks and minerals and shared dozens of samples of crystals, rocks and sand from his collection. Gretchen Franklin shared how to use crystals for healing. 

Region 7– Kingwood Center in Mansfield hosted the meeting in the carriage house with an extensive flower show (including many junior entries!), sales tables, and a garden view complete with a peacock sighting. Earth, Wind and Flowers Garden Club received a beautification award for their Bombing Bucyrus project. Jennifer Windus, VP of ONAPA  gave an outstanding presentation, “Good Plants Gone Bad”. In the afternoon we heard from Seth Meehan from High Desert Greens  on Microgreens and Mushrooms. We enjoyed sampling various microgreens as well.

Region 8– Comradery was the goal of the day at The Newark Buckingham Meeting House . We learned from Region 8 member Kim Vohs on amaryllis care, and Marti Reed enlightened us with the “5 Rs”, recycle, reuse, reduce, rot and repair. A list of sources for native plants was shared. Mary Lee Minor, OAGC judge, demonstrated holiday designs. A silent auction was held. A fresh herb use handout was available. Region 8’s educational exhibit from the 2022 Convention, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”, about companion planting, was also on display at the meeting.

Region 9– The garden clubs of Franklin County were the hosts of the fall meeting held at 1st Presbyterian Church in Grove City. The Columbus African Violet Society  spoke of care and culture of these houseplants. Propagation was also shown, and many attendees took home leaf cuttings to try out what we learned. OAGC members Barb Myers and Jim Chakeres spoke on tips and tricks of gardening and container designs.

Region 10– Said “Hello Autumn” in Ironton. They had an extensive flower show, poster boards displaying club activities, numerous vendors surrounding the room, and members spoke on Bees and Backyard Diversity. 

Region 11– Atop an Appalachian foothill in Rio Grande, Ohio at Simpson United Methodist Church. Nancy Graham was filled with enthusiasm for saving the monarch butterfly. Anita Beeney, Barlow GC, shared her design tools (many motorized) and gave tips for using them.

Region 14– The Wilderness Center is a beautiful education center in the hills outside Wilmot, and was the location of Region 14’s fall meeting, hosted by the Tuslaw and Dalton Garden Clubs. A flower show was held and oral judged by Julie Divelbiss. Judy Semroc, explained how to prepare a more viable garden for the insects and birds with native trees, shrubs and vines. She told us 86% of nesting birds use grapevines, owls can’t make their own cavity, and baby birds are not able to eat seeds and must have meat.  Karen Koch, The Wilderness Center volunteer,  shared her top 12 Native plants. There were interesting items available at the sales tables, including some home-canned goodies. And the lucky winners of the raffle items took home some great things.

Region 16– Lake View Loft, Hillsboro . Attendees met the resident baby donkey and mom! The presentation on a family owned orchard, Karnes Orchard,  taught us about the amazing changes over time in growing and production. And we also heard from the owner and beehive inspector of  on how to “Bee Nice”. He discussed bee genetics, local honey for allergies, and best beekeeping practices.


All OAGC regions had funding at their meetings through one or more of the following: sales tables, vendors, raffles, silent auction. We all are very grateful for your generosity in welcoming us to your region meetings and your support for OAGC.

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