Membership is open to individuals and organizations (such as garden clubs, nature clubs, landscape of horticultural or nursery groups, civic organizations, conservation groups) who are interested in the purposes of The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. (OAGC) and are willing to take part in its projects, adhere to its by-laws and pay annual dues. Members will receive the official quarterly magazine “The Garden Path,” and are encouraged to participate in the educational and recreational activities of OAGC.

For information on joining a club, contact the OAGC State Secretary or find the appropriate Regional Director for your county of residence.

Members of OAGC affiliated garden clubs pay annual OAGC dues of $12.00 through their club treasurer.

Individuals who are not members of an affiliated club may join OAGC as Member-at-Large by filling out a Member At Large form (found below or use the MAL pdf form and mail with annual dues of $15.00 to the OAGC State Membership Chair).

An OAGC Life Member is someone who makes a contribution of $100 or more to The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. New OAGC Life Members are recognized annually at the OAGC convention, receive an OAGC Life Membership card and a lifetime subscription to The Garden Path. OAGC Life Members pay no additional state dues, though individual club, regional and county dues may be applicable. Additionally, an OAGC Life Membership is bestowed upon the state president upon completion of term. The OAGC Life Membership card is presented by the newly elected president at convention. An OAGC Life Membership may also be conferred upon a person by action of the board of directors as recommended by the executive committee as being worthy of such an honor.

Those who make a one-time contribution of $500 or more to The OAGC Foundation, Inc.), also become OAGC Life Members.

If you’re already a member of the OAGC, and you’d like to gain access to the website, please request your login details here.

2019 OAGC Convention - 184

Member at Large Application

Price: $ 15.00
The OAGC fiscal year is October 1st through September 30th. Dues are not prorated if paid later in the year. Dues paid after July 15 will be processed for the next fiscal year.
*To ensure postal delivery of our quarterly newsletter, The Garden Path, please include your zip code plus four number which is required by the U.S. Postal Service for bulk mailing. Bulk mailing cannot be forwarded. So that you don’t ever miss an issue, please promptly inform the OAGC State Membership Chair (found on the Membership Department page of this website) about any chance in your contact information. You also have the option of receiving the newsletter via email, allowing you to receive it several days in advance, and seeing it in color.
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