TIPS• It’s ok to send more than one entry per email, even if you are entering more than one category. • However, if you have multiple photos in the same category please send that category all by itself in one email. • Rename the actual image itself before sending.  For example, ‘IMG_3839.jpg’ should be renamed to ‘Geranium’ before attaching it to the email.  Doing so is a tremendous help to ease the registration process.   


Q.  Do we need to only submit photos of our own plants and critters or can we send photos of other gardeners’ plants and critters?

A. The plants and critters do not need to be owned byyou, they can be from anywhere!  Be sure to give credit in regards to the plants and gardens, could just be as simple as “Buttonbush in my neighborhood”.

Q.  Are people putting titles with the pictures?

A. Good question.  We don’t really need a title for the photo, just some identification.  For example, if an exhibitor submits two different photos of two different kinds of butterflies, then it’s helpful to distinguish those entries as separate from one another by identifying them as Black Swallowtail or Monarch.

Q.  I have never entered the State Flower Show. Could you please direct me to a website that tells me how to display a succulent? Would I take a photo of my plant in its container?  I also have a houseplant I would like to enter. Would I just enter a photo of it also in its container?

A.  You could enter your succulent in the houseplant category if it’s grown indoors.  Or if it’s grown outside as an annual, then submit it in that category. Taking the photo amongst its surroundings of where it grows (indoors or otherwise) is fine. Plants in containers are perfectly fine. (That’s what would happen in a real horticulture show)!  

If you don’t like that idea, you could ‘stage it’ in front of a background like a science fair tri-fold poster.  It’s entirely up to you.  If you need inspiration, Google search your question under ‘images’ and you’ll get a boatload of ideas! (I’m not familiar with a particular website to specifically display succulents).  This contest is not about the ‘proper’ display, but about sharing what you grew!  

Q. I have a Jr. Garden club that is a high school club. Would they be able to enter the photo contest?  

A. So long as they are OAGC members, absolutely!  

Q.  For the annual and perennial categoriesare they to be in a bud vase like horticulture exhibits in a show or are they outdoor pictures

A. The photos are intended to be outdoor shots vs. exhibited in a vase like at a horticulture show. 

Q. What size pictures should the entries for the Virtual Photo Contest be?  Also, what format do you want them in?  I assume .jpg but wanted to be sure

A.  640 x 480 pixels are sufficient.  And yes, .jpg would be the best format choice.

Q. Are the horticultural chairmen qualified to judge?

A. The contest is not a horticulture show schedule contest that would require accredited OAGC judges to judge specimens.

Q.  Is this a contest more about the photography, quality of photo, than the subject (quality of plants, etc.)?

A. This is about the opportunity to share what you want to share!  Not so much about the technical end of the photography, but of course, we want it to be in focus!  It is not a horticulture show, judging specimens, as they would be in a live horticulture show.  Nothing has to be ‘staged’, just submitting candid photos from throughout the past year.  This is a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and share with others. 

Q.  I have nice cultivars but am not a photographer.  Do some hire a professional to take pictures? 

A.  The guidelines state that the photo must be taken by the OAGC member and not taken by a professional, so we are using the honor system, trusting the entrant’s honest submission.

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