Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Schools Department

Exhibitors’ and Judges’ School Chair
Juanita Wilkins
13664 Kohler Rd.
Wapakoneta, OH 45895

The Exhibitors’ and Judges’ School (E and J School) of The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. offers a comprehensive program in both horticulture and floral design. The school provides an in-depth curriculum to assist attendees in becoming better exhibitors and/or to become an OAGC accredited Flower Show Judge. The series consists of six two-day schools which are held over a three year period. The OAGC Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Handbook is used as a textbook for these courses, along with additional material assigned by instructors. Teaching is done by accredited judges or others who have a broad knowledge of their subject. Information about these schools is frequently featured in official quarterly publication, The Garden Path.

Duties of State Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Chair
In addition to department chair duties listed HERE, the Exhibitors’ Judges’ chair duties also include:

• Serve as director of the Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Schools; plan the school, dates, time, place, instructors and programs with the approval of the executive committee.
• Keep the course of study up-to-date; changes must be submitted to the executive committee for approval.
• Publicize requirements for becoming a student judge; accept applications from potential student judges, review qualifications and forward the names of those meeting all requirements to the executive committee for approval; monitor student progress, recording dates and grades of examinations; document student judging activity; forward the names of students who have completed all requirements to the executive committee for approval to become an accredited judge
• Maintain a current list of accredited judges and their status, recording the dates of school attendance; maintain a current list of judge emeriti
• Write articles which promote and publicize upcoming Exhibitors’ and Judges’ School, including registration forms, for the winter and spring issues of The Garden Path; submit current list of accredited judges and current judge emeriti to The Garden Path editor by October 15 of each year


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