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Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Schools News

The OAGC Foundation has newly created a Student Judge Grant. Any student judge may apply for this grant (to reimburse up to 6 Exhibitors’ and Judges’ School registration fees) upon successfully passing all schools and student judging within 6 months of their accreditation.  A Student Judge Grant Application Form can be downloaded HERE.

Now is a good time to be thinking about beginning your studies to become an Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Flower Show Judge. The Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Schools are for everyone! All are encouraged to attend this comprehensive program which includes material on both horticulture and artistic design. This series of six schools is filled with horticulture information, design instructions, judging techniques, and many, many helpful hints to increase your knowledge of gardening and floral design. School #5 will be June 17 and 18, 2019 at Deer Creek State Park in Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

We are now preparing for our first Exhibitors’ and Judges’ School of 2019 on Monday-Tuesday, June 17 and 18, 2019. This school will include “Creative Designs II.” Naomi Ormes will guide us through the following design styles: Angular, Armature, Botanic, Eclectic, Duo, Fantasy Flow, Framed Spatial, Hanging, Illuminary, Multi-rhythmic, Panel, Parallel and Reflective. Naomi will be reviewing design principles, scorecards and discussing appropriate backgrounds.
After the design session, Jan Stein will present “Lilies and Other Summer Bulbs.” Bob Iiames will speak on “Hostas, Caladiums and Elephant Ears.” “Daylilies” taught by Michele Bishop will round out the horticultural teachings on Monday.

If all this is not enough, Juanita Wilkins will cover “Plant Identification” on Tuesday and there will be a panel discussion of “Judging Problems” by seasoned judges. This will give our judges time to ask questions. Any attendee can ask pertinent questions.
The Monday evening sessions are the student reviews of Monday’s teachings of “Creative Design II” and “Lilies” with required student attendance. For non-student judges, Design Study chair Jo Ann Graham has arranged for a design study session on “Crescent and Hogarth Curve Designs” by Joy Sprang. This session requires prior registration and is scheduled for 6:30-8:30 pm and it is limited to the first 20 that sign up. There is no fee. The registration form can be found on page 15 of this issue of The Garden Path. I hope everybody will attend and join with your gardening friends.

At each school we try to fill our room with vendors: growers, crafters, junkers, readers, potters, welders, ceramist, etc, etc. If you have “stuff” that you want to share, contact normes@oagc.org for a Vendor’s Contract and join us in the vendor’s room. Maybe you will find some “stuff” you may need in your “stash”. There are always wonderful items on the OAGC Sales table for you to use as you garden, design, learn, grow and travel around the state.

Registration begins at 8 AM each morning, and classes will begin at 9 AM, with a break for lunch at noon, with the first day session ending at 3:30 PM, the second day session ending at 3PM, and testing beginning at 3:30 PM for student judges.

Hotel reservations must be made directly with Deer Creek State Park by calling 800-282-7275. Mention ‘The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs.’ The rate of $89/night (single or double occupancy) is guaranteed until May 17, 2019.

Attendees are encouraged to bring properly labeled specimens staged in appropriate sized, clear containers to be used in the plant horticulture sessions. If you have any of the cultivars to be studied, please bring those, but any cut cultivars will be appropriate. Entry tags will be available. There will be a drawing for a free (one day) registration for those bringing in cultivars at each school.

Monday, June 17, 2019
8-9a:  Registration
9-10:30a: “Creative Designs #2” by Naomi Ormes, with design principles reviewed, scorecards and backgrounds
10:30-10:45a: Break
10:45a-12p: “Creative Designs #2” continues
12-1p: Lunch
1-2:30p: “Growing, Showing and Judging Lilies and Other Summer Bulbs” by Jan Stein
2:30-2:45p: Break
2:45-3:30p: “Cut Cultivars” (round, spray, and spike) by Jo Ann Graham

Evening Sessions
6:30-7:00p: “Lilies” by Jan Stein (for student judges)
7-8p: “Creative Designs #2″ by Naomi Ormes (for student judges)
7-9p: Design Study Workshop: “Hogarth Curve and Crescent Designs” by Joy Sprang

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
8-9a: Registration
9-10:15a: “Plant Identification” by Juanita Wilkins
10:15-10:30a: Break
10:30-12p: “Daylilies” (Hemerocallis) by Michele Bishop
12-1p: Lunch
1-2p: “Hosta, Caladium and Elephant Ears” by Bob Iiames
2-2:15p: Break
2:15-3:15p: “Judging Problems” with panel discussion
3:30p: Student Judge Testing

OAGC’s vision to be the premier organization for horticulture and floral arts is only enhanced and propagated by your participation in Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Schools. Mark your calendars and come join us for lots of information, good shopping and a chance to grow!

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