Flower Shows Department

Deborah Graham

10764 State Route 559, North Lewisburg OH 43060 937-747-2474; 


From the OAGC motto of “Knowing, Growing, Showing and Sharing,” flower shows feature the “showing” and the “growing.” Whether at the state or local level, a flower show highlights the talent and skill of designers and growers both within and outside of OAGC and brings about public awareness educational opportunities for learning within the organization. The Flower Show Book Contest (with seven classes) falls under the direction of this department.

                                                                                                           Duties of State Flower Shows Chair
In addition to department chair duties listed HERE, the Flower Shows Chair duties include:

• Promote club, county fair, regional and the Ohio State Fair flower shows
• Serve as chair for the convention flower show artistic section
• Prepare artistic schedule for the convention flower show; submit the schedule to the executive committee prior to the winter board meeting for approval and, once approved, to The Garden Path editor for publication in the spring issue.
• Inform the state sales secretary of the number of ribbons and rosettes needed for artistic section of convention flower show
• Secure judges for the artistic section (limit of six judges to judge in panels of two)
• Secure class reservations and show clerks
• Arrange staging for the show and storage of staging materials
• Secure and present artistic awards at convention
• Receive the judges scorecard no later than thirty (30) days after the close of the show. For shows with multiple judges, each judge should submit their own scorecard. Non-compliance will be reported to the executive committee and may result in a ninety (90) day suspension of judge.
• Receive flower show contest books and send an acknowledgment of the receipt. (Flower show books must be submitted within sixty (60) days following the close of the show.)
• Classify and score the flower show contest books. All contest books will be scored within sixty (60) days after receipt of the book. Contest book results will be returned immediately to the contest entrant. Late submissions may take longer to be returned.
• Notify all contest winners and present Superior awards at convention. A list of all contest winners is to be sent to the regional director, the executive committee and the editor of The Garden Path by June 1.
• Display contest books at convention and release them to the respective regional director at the conclusion of the convention

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