Junior Regional Contest

windchimeThe OAGC 2016 Spring Regional Junior Gardener Contest will be “Terra Cotta Flower Pot Wind Chimes.” Start with 3 different sized terra cotta flower pots that have a drainage hole in the bottom. Suggested sizes might be the largest 3½” tall, then one 2½” tall, and then the smallest 1½” tall.

With acrylic paint, paint the flower pots. Using a different bright color on each pot with the rims a coordinating color is a good choice. When the painted flower pots are dry it is time to decorate your pots. You could paint ladybugs, butterflies, birds, flowers, or even polka dots on the pots. Polka dots are an easy choice for young children. Apply the polka dots to the pots with Q-tips that are dipped in the bright colored paint. However the junior gardeners chooses to decorate the flower pots are up to them.
Once the paint has dried, you may want to spray a coat of clear acrylic UV protectant on the flower pots to help preserve the paint.

After everything has dried it is time to assemble your wind chime. Using jute string start by making a large loop at the top end of the jute string. This loop will be for hanging the wind chime. Next add a few colored beads followed with knots above and below them to hold them in place. (Your beads could also be painted ahead of time to coordinate with the pots.) Now string your flower pots on the jute with big knots above and below the pot holding your pots in place starting with the largest pot down to the smallest. When spacing your pots make sure that they overlap a little. This helps the pots to serve as ringers themselves. After the last pot is strung, another bead or two can be added at the very end of the jute for the bottom ringer. Baby spoons and keys also work well for the bottom ringer. Now your terra cotta wind chime is completed. Along with the wind chime, the junior gardener should have a 3”x5” card with his name, age, club, region on it.

This contest is for all ages but regions should have a 6-11 year old division and a 12-18 year old division. Regional Junior Gardener Contest entries should be judged at the regional levels and then displayed at the regionals. Prizes and ribbons for the contest winners should be decided upon by each region. The first, second and third place winners from each age group of each region may also display their terra cotta flower pot wind chimes at the OAGC 2016 Convention. It may be hard to get the regional contest winner’s projects to convention so pictures of the winning projects may be brought along with their information to convention for display.
Junior gardeners will enjoy making the terra cotta wind chimes for their gardens. Encourage your junior gardener to participate in the OAGC 2016 Spring Regional Junior Gardener Contest.

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