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Membership Department

Membership Chair
Jan Moody
19151 St. Rt. 739
Richwood, OH 43344

The Membership department works closely with the clubs and individuals to keep The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs’ membership database current. Individuals become members of by joining a garden club affiliated with OAGC, by becoming an OAGC Member-at-Large, or by becoming an OAGC Life Member ($100 donation to OAGC, Inc.) or an OAGC Foundation Life Patron ($500 donation to the OAGC Foundation, Inc.)

Duties of State Membership Chair
In addition to department chair duties listed HERE, the Membership Chair duties also include:

• Keep accurate database on record of all garden clubs, club members, club EIN numbers and individual membership information including verifying addresses of OAGC Life Members and OAGC Foundation Life Patrons. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT JOINING A GARDEN CLUB)
• Coordinate with state Junior Gardener chair to insure that all junior gardeners, both club and member-at-large, are accurately recorded
• Mail club renewal forms to club treasurers and members-at-large by August 1
• Deposit membership dues and notify state treasurer of deposits; forward deposit log of checks to the state treasurer
• Send current membership list (including a list of the extra copies needed for regional directors, board members, liaisons and junior clubs) to The Garden Path printer quarterly
• Compile, print and supply a master state membership roster for each member of the executive committee by the winter state board meeting
• Provide complete membership roster for certifying delegates to the state convention, as needed
• Submit nominations for the Membership Incentive Award to the executive committee by March 15
• Present state Membership Incentive Award at convention
• Prepare timely articles for The Garden Path relating to the department, as requested

OAGC Life Membership

An OAGC Life Member is someone who makes a contribution of $100 or more to The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc.  New OAGC Life Members are recognized annually at the OAGC convention, receive an OAGC Life Membership card and a lifetime subscription to The Garden Path.  OAGC Life Members pay no additional state dues, though individual club, regional and county dues may be applicable. Additionally, an OAGC Life Membership is bestowed upon the state president upon completion of term. The OAGC Life Membership card is presented by the newly elected president at convention. An OAGC Life Membership may also be conferred upon a person by action of the board of directors as recommended by the executive committee as being worthy of such an honor.

OAGC Foundation Life Patrons (those making a one-time contribution of $500 or more to The OAGC Foundation, Inc.), also become OAGC Life Members.

Membership Incentive Award

This award was established by OAGC past President Jan Harmon and OAGC past Treasurer Ruth Waller. To qualify for this award, individuals or groups must have shown extraordinary enthusiasm exemplified by their work with a local club, county, regional organization or supported state programs and projects of OAGC that inspired individuals or groups to become members of OAGC.  Nominations of potential award candidates and their qualifications must be submitted to the state president by March 15. Selection of the winner is determined by the executive committee and the state membership chair presents the award at the annual convention. The recipient will receive a monetary award and certificate.





Upcoming Events

  1. Spring Board Meeting

    March 23, 2021 - March 24, 2021
  2. Exhibitors & Judges School

    April 9, 2021 - April 10, 2021
  3. Convention

    June 14, 2021 - June 16, 2021
  4. Regional Director Training

    July 14, 2021