Nature and Conservation Department

Sue HaganNature & Conservation Chair
Sue Hagan
22 Crestwood Ct.  Howard, OH 43028

Conservation efforts have always been a focal point of The Association’s interests. Through community and highway plantings, preservation of our natural resources and providing experiences in nature, this department promotes conservation and the beautification of our surroundings. Two beautification contests fall under the direction of the Nature and Conservation department: Beautification Plantings with Permanent nature and Beautification projects that are a Temporary Seasonal nature.

Duties of the State Nature and Conservation Chair
In addition to department chair duties listed HERE, the Nature and Conservation chair duties shall also include:

• Conduct statewide beautification contests; receive scorecards and contest books for beautification projects
• Submit contest results to the president by March 15
• Notify state winners and present awards at convention
• Facilitate the planning and implementation of Nature Study Retreat (NSR) with the NSR Committee
• Serve on and attend the meetings of the Wahkeena Nature Preserve Liaison Committee
• Submit nominations for the Daisy Sticksel Conservation Award to the executive committee no later than March 15; present the Daisy Sticksel Conservation Award at convention
• Encourage community beautification in cooperation with other public and/or private groups
• Conduct convention clinic, if requested, with speaker and exhibits of current interest

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