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2018 Nature Study Retreat

Koinonia-Camp-and-Conference-Center-Logo1May 27- June 1, 2018

6810 Cork Cold Springs Rd Geneva, OH 44041-9346 440-466-1278
koinoniacamp2003@yahoo.com www.christiancampohio.org/

NSR Registration Form

“What is that bird? I see that plant all the time, what is it? I have a tree like that near me, what is its name and how can I grow it on my property?” Ever had any of these questions to which you would like to know the answer? If so, we invite you to experience the wonders of nature with a group of like minded individuals, away from your home chores and problems for 5 whole days, just basking in fellowship and fun, while learning about the natural world around us. We awake each morning to nature’s chorus, our bird walk, and it just gets better from there.

Sound too good to be true? Not if you make plans to attend our great Nature Study Retreat (NSR) May 27 through June 1, 2018 at Koinonia Camp and Conference Center in Geneva, Ohio (www.christiancampohio.org). Situated amid the unique terrain of northeast Ohio near the shore of Lake Erie, the camp and area is beautiful with many accessible hiking trails. There are rivers and ponds that are great for pond study and horseback riding is on tap. Meals are served cafeteria style and are very tasty as well as wholesome. The large meeting room is the same room as the dining hall and has a refrigerator for our snacks, room for our games and displays and free WiFi. There is ample space for our evening programs and speakers with PowerPoint presentations.

Last year’s experience at Koinonia proved to be most rewarding and only scratched the surface of things to do and see in the area abounding the camp including Lake and Ashtabula County. Steve McKee, a very knowledgeable naturalist, will return this year. Those lucky enough to attend last year will recognize what an asset it is to have him return to share his vast experiences with our natural world. We will be exploring some of the many public parks in the area. One of the planned field trips will be a tour of the renowned Luvin Lavender Farm in Madison, http://www.luvinlavender.com/index.html The region is also famous for covered bridges, nurseries and wonderful wineries. In addition to planned activities and hikes, there will be opportunities to fish, canoe, take a horseback ride, or enjoy a leisurely hike on a wooded trail.

The OAGC Foundation has ‘camperships’ available to help first time Juniors with the fees. There are new venues open this year that will appeal to younger participants. Juniors who wish to apply for one of the stipends should send a letter to Jan Harmon (405 Craggy Creek Dr, Chippewa Lake, OH 44215, or email jan@janharmon.us) telling of their desire to attend and who will be their adult companion for the week. This is a great learning experience for young people and is an educational experience that can’t be taught in a classroom.

An added bonus and highlight is the annual plant sale auction. Many unusual plants, from all parts of Ohio, are donated along with other gardening items. This is a special ‘fun’ time, one we look forward to each year. Plan to bring an item for the auction as it helps keep expenses down and helps to offset our programming costs. And you just might go home with a new plant for your garden at a nominal fee.

It would be a challenge to find a more affordable vacation that includes all of these amenities as well as the fellowship of like-minded individuals who enjoy learning about our natural world. Don’t miss out. Reserve your spot now.

Items you may wish to bring include:

Personal Items
clothing for 1 week (no good clothes are needed for planned camp activities), clothing for warm/inclement weather (raincoat, umbrella, boots, hiking boots, walking stick, extra shoes/socks, jacket, hat and gloves….the weather is very unpredictable and most activities will be outdoors, rain or shine), swim suit, sleepwear and slippers, sleeping bag or sheets/blankets, pillow, towels, washcloths, toiletries, medications, first aid items, heating pad/pain killers, fanny pack/backpack/both, flashlight/red extra batteries – red flashlight for night hike, if available, insect repellent, notebook/pencils for field notes, field guides, camera, binoculars/magnifying glass, snacks to share (fridge space available), fishing pole/accessories if you want to fish. You can bring a bicycle if you have the means to transport one.

You MAY want:
electric fan (lodge is air conditioned or heated as needed), small TV table, whistle (if you plan to hike alone)

Items of General Interest to bring:
posters, science items of interest, pictures from past camps, baggies/containers to collect specimens for display, games/puzzles and magazines to share, your smile