The Nominating Committee, comprised of Chair Suzy Parker, Peggy Case, Naomi Ormes, Geri Rea, and Kimberly Long is pleased to present the following slate of officers for election for the 2022-2024 term:
President: June Gebhardt Reg 7; 1st VP: Debbie Downes, Reg. 16; 2nd VP: Jill Bader, Reg. 4; Treasurer: Vicky Puster, Reg. 14; Secretary: Mary Barber, Reg. 7; Sales Secretary: Naomi Ormes, Reg. 4 In accordance with the OAGC bylaws, Article IX, Section 1: “There shall be one voting delegate to the annual meeting for each club of 20 or less active members. Each club with 21 to 40 members shall have two voting delegates. Each club with 41 or more members shall have three voting delegates. No club, regardless of size, may have more than three voting delegates.”

Balloting will be conducted at our 2022 Convention August 14-16. Both new to the state board, Jill Bader has been nominated for 2nd Vice President and Mary Barber has been nominated for secretary. Meet your new nominees.

Jill Bader

Jill Bader, Candidate for State 2nd VP
Jill Bader is a lifelong lover of nature and passionate flower and vegetable gardener from Cincinnati. While tagging along with her mom at a county fair flower show, she met members of the Symmes Late Bloomers Garden Club, Region 4 and joined in September 2019. Jill has enjoyed being in community with other like-minded plant lovers and exploring all things gardening at their monthly outings. This past year, she took on the role of membership chair and also participates on the social media team for the club.

Jill started her professional career as an international accountant for a local manufacturing company with operations in Belgium and Singapore. While she enjoyed a rewarding 15 years in the accounting field, she was increasingly feeling antsy for work outside of an office and away from a desk, so she left her job and enrolled in the BS Biology program at the University of Cincinnati. During that time, she began volunteering at Civic Garden Center (CGS) of Cincinnati. When she completed the degree, she and her husband decided that rather than reentering the workforce, she should continue giving back to the community in a volunteer capacity. So, you could say she is retired, but may be staying busier now than before retirement.
As a volunteer at the CGS, she grows vegetable seedlings for distribution to gardeners in the community garden network, chairs a booth at the annual plant sale, assists running a community garden in the historic Over the Rhine neighborhood, and is the coordinator of the on-site food pantry garden which donates over 400 lbs. of produce annually to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank.

Jill got her love of gardening from her mom, who has been an OAGC member and flower judge for many years. Now, Jill is hoping to get more involved in OAGC at the state level!

Mary Barber

Mary Barber, Candidate for State Secretary
Mary Barber joined the Ganges Garden Club, Region 7 in the mid 80’s when she, her husband, and their three tiny children moved to the country. When purchased, their yard was a corn field and a blank slate crying out to be filled with beautiful flowers. Over the years, the family has added many flower beds, bushes, trees, a huge vegetable garden, and a water garden. They state they were able to do this, in part, due to the experience and knowledge of the wonderful members of their club. One year their gardens won the Men’s Garden Club Beautification Award.

Mary has held various offices and served on countless committees over the years, but in the late 90s she took a sabbatical from the group. Her children were active teenagers involved in their own clubs, groups, and sports. She was a full-time teacher and working on her Master’s degree parttime. After the children graduated, she was hired to teach teachers on using technology in their classrooms. After six months of intense training in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and using the internet and email, she began working with teachers in three counties and 20 districts for the next 14 years.

During this time her husband was involved in a horrific accident which required a lot of care for the next decade. He passed in December of 2012 and Mary retired the following March.

Once again, with a desire to spend time with like-minded gardeners and old friends she rejoined the Ganges Garden Club. She has served on several club committees, became vice president in 2021, and is currently serving as the club President. A favorite challenge is revitalizing clubs, bringing in new members, taking on new projects, and going on field trips.

Besides being a member of Granges Garden Club, she recently joined Four Seasons Garden Club. She attends her own gardens, gardens at church and the gardens of friends and family who are no longer able to take care of their own. She volunteers at Kingwood Garden Center, is a substitute teacher, and serves as a volunteer coordinator for a 2nd and 3rd grade reading program. Mary is also the youth minister at Shenanadoah Christian Church and the very happy Grammy of 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

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