Vicki Ferguson is stepping down from her recent years as Garden Path Editor and Webmaster for our OAGC Website.  In these positions, Vicki has given countless hours of her life preparing the copy and photos for both publications, as well as for our official OAGC Facebook site.  She  is an excellent designer and grower, and makes beautiful photographs, often selling cards featuring these photos.  She enjoys learning and attends conferences to increase her knowledge and share with our OAGC members. She also serves on the OAGC Foundation as Secretary..  

Vicki’s contributions to OAGC are not limited to recent years.  She has served in various capacities, including the offices up through President of OAGC.  Because of Ferguson’s history of exemplary service to OAGC, President Suzy Parker requested that the OAGC Executive Board create a new and special honor of Presidential Citation, to be given to Ferguson.  We extend our appreciation to Vicki Ferguson in response for her countless efforts on behalf of the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs.
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