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Presidents of the Association


The following people from various cities in Ohio have had the honor of serving The Association by being elected as the state president. For a number of years, the office was of an undetermined length of service.

Eventually, the bylaws were amended to limit the office of president to two years to encourage more participation. Outgoing presidents are honored for their dedication and devoted service and are presented with a Life Membership. All attending past presidents are honored each year at the annual convention.

 Term NameCity  
 1930-1934 Mrs. Marshall S. Thompson Lima Deceased
 1934-1942 Mrs. Silas Waters Cincinnati Deceased
 1942-1946 Mrs. Frank E. Garry Cincinnati Deceased
 1946-1950 Mrs. Thomas M. Wolfe Athens Deceased
 1950-1952 Mrs. W. W. Faben Montpelier Deceased
 1952-1954 Mrs. Rex E. Moreland Centerburg Deceased
 1954-1956 Mrs. Daisy Sticksel (Cleveland) Newtown Deceased
 1956-1958 Mrs. Frederick Wassmann Bellaire Deceased
 1958-1960 Mrs. Clara May Frederick (V.R.) Urbana Deceased
 1960-1962 Mrs. Betty Pavey (William) Xenia Deceased
 1962-1964 Mrs. Wade Cozad Lancaster Deceased
 1964-1966 Mrs. C. E. Weaver  Hamilton Deceased
 1966-1968 Mrs. Susie Pool (Albert) Marietta Deceased
 1968-1970 Mrs. Gladys Thomas (Kenneth) Nova Deceased
 1970-1972 Mrs. Mabel Reed (Paul Wendel) Newark Deceased
 1972-1974 Mrs. Naomi Shepard (Gordan) Xenia Deceased
 1974-1976Mrs. Sara Janet Devoss (Dwight)  Harrisburg Deceased
 1976-1978 Mrs. Nadine Elder (Quentin) Warsaw Deceased
 1978-1980 Mrs. Kate Pond (James) Doylestown Deceased
 1980-1982 Mrs. Frances Titus (Leo) Jamestown Deceased
 1982-1984 Mrs. Doris Schuster (Fred) Vandalia Deceased
 1984-1986 Mrs. Bonnie Allan (Stewart) Wauseon
 1986-1988 Mrs. Janet Bolin (Joe) Rutland 
1988-1990  Mrs. Jan Harmon (Alfred) Chippewa Lake 
 1990-1992 Mrs. Dottie Bates (James) ReynoldsburgDeceased 
 1992-1994 Mrs. Pat Wells (Dean) Mansfield 
 1994-1996 Mrs. Bill Jenne (Walter) Green Springs Deceased
 1996-1998 Mrs. Faye Collins (Estel) Menford Deceased
 1998-2000 Mrs. Charlene Thornhill (Donn) Greenville 
 2000-2002 Anita Roller Wooster 
 2002-2004 JoAnn Graham Mount Vernon 
 2004-2006 Sarah Budnick Baltimore Deceased
 2006-2008 Babs Sabick Beavercreek 
 2008-2010 Vickie Ferguson Centerville 
 2010-2012 Sharon Ware Fairfield 
 2012-2014 Mary Lee Minor Bucyrus 
 2014-2016 Peggy Case New London 
 2016-2018 Geri Rea Mansfield 
 2018-2020 Suzy Parker Syracuse 
 2020-2021 Jean Jankowski New Albany 
 2021-2024 June Gebhardt Bucyrus 

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