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Welcome to The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc.

The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs was formed in March of 1930 and incorporated in 1959. We are a volunteer non-profit organization of over 2800 OAGC affiliated members in nearly 155 clubs throughout the state of Ohio and beyond. We value: preserving our natural resources for the betterment of our community, our world and ourselves; the therapeutic properties of interacting with nature; the beauty of flowers, gardens and people; and we recognize and value creativity. We are doers!

“Invasive Spotted Lanternfly may be a concern for us in Ohio — Read more”


Regional Directors needed for the year 2021 

Attention all club presidents — It is that time again when we need the regional club presidents (or their designated representative) to form a nominating committee for the upcoming election of the 2021-2023 Regional Directors. According to our OAGC bylaws, Article VII, Section 2: Regional Directors: A nominating committee of at least three active members shall be chosen from those present during the president’s meeting at the fall regional meeting in even-numbered years. Additional nominations may be submitted to the nominating committee at least thirty days before the election.  The committee shall present the regional nominee(s) to the executive advisor to the region thirty days prior to the spring regional meeting.” Pages 43-45 of the OAGC Handbook provide more information.
As you know all fall regional meetings have been cancelled. Therefore, this club president’s meeting will be conducted via Zoom. Watch for an e-mail from your regional advisor. Your regional advisor has a Zoom account and will set up these meetings.
Debbie Downes
(937) 409-2215 (Mobile)

Learning as we go. 

Fall, we all are putting our gardens to bed.  Now, what do we do after the weather turns bad?  Rainy days that are dreary cold out side. I have an idea. Click on the link below of these OSU programs to watch.  You can do as a group for a meeting, or just watch at your leisure. The dates are old but you can still watch as they are still available.



Learn to Zoom, it is fun and easy click on the link to watch how,

video on how to Zoom






Brian Moody’s great arrangement.

Advisors for the 2020-2021

President Jean Jankowski: Exhibitors and Judges School, Design Study, Horticulture, and Flower Show

First Vice President June Gebhardt: Regions 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, and 16. Committees – Junior Gardener and Membership.

Second Vice President Debbie Downes: Regions 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9,and 14;  and Nature & Conservation Committee. 

Our MISSION: To promote innovation and excellence in horticulture and floral arts through programs that foster creativity and personal growth.

Our VISION: To be the premier organization for horticulture and floral arts.