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Peruse these tips provided by OAGC’s regional horticulture chairs.  The tips are relevant for the current growing season, however they will change on a monthly basis, every Third Thursday.  Check back often!

Gardening with Arthritis or other limitations?  Here are some good work habits designed to help:

  • Switch tasks often, fluctuating between bending and reaching.

  • Avoid repetitive motions, alternating which hand you use as able.

  • Keeping your wrist in a neutral position with your thumb on top reduces stress on the wrist.

  • Use a kneeling pad, or sit on the ground, a bench, or gardening cart.

  • Store tools and equipment in or near the garden, using a cart to haul heavy items.

  • Utilize raised/elevated beds or container gardens to eliminate the need to stoop or kneel.






What to LOOK for

What NOT to LOOK for

  • the variety you want

  • vegetable plants with flowers

  • sturdy, full plants

  • vegetable plants with fruit 

  • no signs of disease or insects

  • the tallest plant (leggy)

  • Check the label on a plant before buying. Make sure the place you want to put it is suitable by soil, zone, sun/shade, size, etc.  Research the plant to make sure it is a proper fit.

“Great Green Book of Garden Secrets”by Jerry Baker

Lilac Bush Tips

  • Deadhead spent lilac flowers immediately.  Lilacs bloom on the previous year's wood, so cutting back after blooming gives shrubs time to form new growth.

  • Plant a summer flowering vine at the base of a lilac to add color once the lilac has finished blooming.  Try sweet peas, clematis or passion flowers.


~ Reader's Digest 1001 Hints & Tips for Your Garden

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