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About OAGC

The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs (OAGC) was formed in March of 1930 by Ohio State University Professor Victor H. Ries. It was later incorporated in 1959. We promote interest and knowledge in horticulture, gardening and garden therapy and encourage home, community and state-wide beautification work. The motto of ‘Knowing, Growing, Showing and Sharing,’ was first coined during OAGC’s 25th anniversary year by President Daisy Sticksel.

Membership – OAGC is open to any club or individual in accordance with the aims and principles of The Association. A new club is encouraged to have at least 10 members and be sponsored by at least one OAGC club if possible and pay current OAGC dues per member (due each October 1). Members receive the official quarterly publication The Garden Path.

Image by Mary Lee Minor

Board of Directors – The business of OAGC is conducted a volunteer Board of Directors.  The voting members of the board of directors are comprised of the following elected officials: Six (6) state officers (president, two (2) vice presidents, treasurer, secretary and sales secretary); and currently fourteen (14) regional directors. Additionally, there are eight (8) department chairs, three (3) counselors and six (6) liaisons that assist in the aims and projects of The Association.

Regional Directors – The state of Ohio’s 88 counties are divided into 15 regions.  Each region is represented by a regional director. The regional directors help with clubs, regional tours, horticultural days, etc. and plans 2 regional meetings a year. Regional directors are elected in the spring of odd-numbered years for a term of two years (two term maximum). Regional director-elects are installed at convention of these odd-numbered years and assume office October 1 of the same.

State Department Chairs – State department chairs head the eight departments, such as Design Study, Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Schools, Flower Shows, Horticulture, Junior Gardeners, Marketing, Membership, and Nature and Conservation. Department chairs are appointed by the president-elect with executive committee approval, for a two-year term. Department appointees are installed at convention of even-numbered years and assume office October 1 of the same.

Counselors – The Association is grateful for the advice and knowledge of those who serve in an advisory capacity as a counselor. There shall be a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of six (6) counselors, one of which will be the immediate past president. Counselors are appointed by the president-elect with executive committee approval and do not have a term limit.

Liaisons – The liaisons of The Association serve as a connection between OAGC and another entity or as an internal position dedicated to OAGC. Liaisons are appointed by the president-elect with executive committee approval and do not have a term limit.

We Thank The Following Past OAGC Presidents (Still Living) For Their Dedication To The Organization:

Jean Jankowski (2020-2021)

Suzy Parker Hysell (2018-2020)

Geri Rea (2016-2018)

Peggy Case (2014-2016)

Mary Lee Minor (2012-2014)

Sharon Ware (2010-2012)

Vicki Ferguson (2008-2010)

Babs Sabick (2006-2008)

Jo Ann Graham (2002-2004)

Anita Roller (2000-2002)

Charlene Thornhill (1998-2000)

Pat Wells (1992-1994)

Jan Harmon (1990-1988)

Janet Bolin (1986-1988)

Bonnie Allan (1984-1986)

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