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sponsors & advertisers

Why should you become an OAGC Sponsor or Advertiser?

Access our 2600+ members in their homes through advertisements in The Garden Path, OAGC's quarterly print newsletter.

OAGC's annual State Convention every Summer draws in many members, as well as, event speakers and vendors too.  Members come ready to learn, have fun, and engage with others who share their common interests.  Tap into that enthusiasm.

Everything about OAGC is conducive to being put on social media - horticultural specimens, artistic floral arrangements, nature conservation, and more.  We're currently on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.  We'd love to showcase your sponsored product(s) with our clubs and members.

Capture our membership's attention with your Sponsored article.  Is your product or service one that pairs well with our community?  If so, we'd love to help you share it with the OAGC community.

We're looking forward to building a relationship with your business!

Contact our Marketing Department Chair for any questions that you may have.

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