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2023 OAGC Convention Flower Show ~ Horticulture

  • Wednesday, July 12, 2023
  • Thursday, July 13, 2023
  • Hancock Hotel, Findlay, Ohio

2023 OAGC Convention

Flower Show ~ Horticulture Schedule

The 2023 OAGC Convention Flower Show ~ Horticulture Schedule indicates that the Horticulture Show will occur during the first two days of the convention, concluding at the end of the second day.  The third convention day will be designated for garden tours.  Therefore, the dates are accurate and are not typographical errors!

This year, new variety classes 23 and 56, adult and junior divisions respectively, focus on Calendula officinalis (kuh-LEN-doo-lah  oo-fiss-ih-NAH-lis), Calendula ‘Ivory/Snow Princess’. Ivory or Snow Princess features almost pure white petals with a dark center, a sharp contrast from the traditional deep orange petals of other Calendula cultivars.  Two sources for seed acquisition include and

In spring, propagate by seed sown in place at a depth of ¼”, 6 – 12” apart.  Seeds will sprout in one to two weeks with 50 – 55 days to maturity.  Plants prefer full sun, rich soil and are frost hardy.  They have a bushy habit whose flowers close at night.  C. officinalis self-seeds readily; remove dead flower heads to prolong flowering and prevent excessive self-seeding.

Besides use as an annual cut flower, C. officinalis is a bittersweet, salty herb with culinary and medicinal properties.  Only the flower petals are used, not the center disk or calyx.  Petals are used as a substitute for saffron in rice and soup, and infused to give color to cheese, butter, milk desserts and cakes; also added fresh to salads.  Consider using Ivory or Snow Princess as an herb cultivar in the Special Container Foodscape Window Box class; check out the 2023 winter edition of The Garden Path for more details.

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