2022 OAGC Convention Flower Show ~ Horticulture

Growing & Showing Goals for 2022!

By Julie Divelbiss

The winter months provide time to formulate growing and showing goals for the new year.  Why not use the 2022 OAGC Convention Flower Show Horticulture Schedule to help steer your decision making?  It is accessible via the listed link, or if you are in need of a hard copy, please contact your regional horticulture chair. 

Look to see what sparks your interest!  There are a couple of specific newer variety classes offered, both for adults and juniors. Isn’t that one of your growing goals, to try a new variety each year?  One such class is Caladium Proven Winners® Heart to Heart® ‘Burning Heart’.  It is a bronze fancy leaf variety with pink to orange spots and represents a completely new color for caladiums.  ‘Burning Heart’ is a large landscape variety that would also serve well in patio planters and is tolerant of sun, with morning being best and avoiding hot afternoon.

Perhaps your goal is to cultivate plants using a new-to-you technique?  Check out the Special Container Section and explore the options of exhibiting a terrarium or a kokedama for the first time.  The latter class can be entered in both adult and junior divisions.  Kokedama is the Japanese art of growing plants in a moss-covered ball of soil wrapped with string or mono-filament fishing line.  A link to easy step-by-step directions on how to create one is listed in the schedule.  At convention, they will be suspended from a wrought iron hook (provided by the committee) above a table top.  For this class, pre-registration by July 31 is required to ensure adequate space.  

Study the schedule, read and research; grow in knowledge.   Acquire seeds and/or supplies; emerge in the spring equipped.  Institute your goals, then share and show your efforts in August at the 2022 OAGC State Convention.  I look forward to viewing your marvelous achievements!  

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