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2022 OAGC Convention Flower Show Schedule – Artistic

2022 OAGC Convention Flower Show – August 14-16, 2022

Artistic Flower Show Schedule/ Rules
“It’s What We Say”

Adult Division

  1. “Little By Little” – A miniature design, not to exceed 5” in any direction.
  2. “Long Story Short” – A small design, more than 5” but less than 12” in any direction.
  3. “Down the Tubes” – A tubular design.
  4. “Go Haywire” – A creative design – own interpretation.
  5. “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” – A traditional mass design.
  6. “You are the Apple of My Eye” – A design that incorporates apples – Novice class – A class for any person who has not won 2 blue ribbons in a convention artistic flower show.
  7. “This is a Hunk of Junk” – A design that incorporates something old or recycled.
  8. “Make Hay While the Sun Shines” – A design of one’s own interpretation.
  9. “What You See is What You Get” – Challenge Class – A creative design – The flowers and containers will be furnished. See Rule 14 for details.

Junior Division

10. “Cute as a Bug” – An 8” x 10” plaque of a picture of an insect or insects using seeds and or rocks.
11. “Made from Scratch” – A bird house that is constructed and decorated by the junior member.

Artistic Flower Show Rules

  1. Artistic classes are open to members of OAGC who are registered for convention. Only one entry per person until May 20, 2022. (Exception the Challenge Class) Classes will be filled in the order in which reservations are received by registering with Deborah Graham, Flower Show Chair. If classes are not filled by May 20th then members may sign up for additional designs.
  2. Each adult class is limited to four entries. Junior classes have unlimited entries.
  3. Designers registering for a class must fulfill their commitment or provide a substitute and notify the flower show chair of the change.
  4. All entries must be the work of the exhibitor and must be in place by the exhibitor between 9 am and 1 pm on August 14, 2022. Oral judging will begin at 2:00 pm that day. No entry may be removed until convention is adjourned.
  5. Entry tags and 3”x 5” cards for listing of all plant materials used will be furnished and must be placed with the entry. Juniors must fill out their own entry tags and cards. The junior’s age should be put on the card. Along with plant material on the 3” x 5” card, the exhibitor must include the name of the type of design that they are doing.
  6. Designs must include plant material, fresh or dried. No artificial plant material allowed. Dried/preserved material may be natural color or painted/treated. Feathers on the list of page 23 of the OAGC Handbook for Exhibitors and Judges are not allowed.
  7. Plant material on the conservation list may not be used unless grown by the exhibitor and should be stated on a card accompanying the design.
  8. Neither the show committee nor OAGC can assume responsibility for loss or damage. All possessions should be marked with the exhibitor’s name and address.
  9. White cardboard backgrounds will be provided by the show committee. Exhibitors may, and are encouraged to enhance the backgrounds and underlay. Black table coverings will be used. (Do not pin, staple, paste, tape or paint, etc. the background.) Accessories and or/bases may be used to enhance designs but are not required.
  10. Accredited judges of The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. will judge the show according to the OAGC Handbook for Exhibitors and Judges. The judge’s decision is final.
  11. Staging Notes: Class 1 and Class 2 will be staged on a table on a raised platform with black table coverings. Classes 3-8 will each be displayed in a space 30” wide x 30” deep x 45” tall within white cardboard backgrounds on black table coverings. Class 9 (Challenge Class) will be staged on a free standing pedestal 36” high with a 24” square top that may be viewed from all sides. Junior Classes: Class 10 – Junior is to bring own clear easel to display plaque. Class 11 – The bird house will sit on the table. Both Classes 10 and 11 will have black table coverings underneath them.
  12. Ribbon awards of first, second, third and fourth place will be given in all classes. More than one fourth place may be given in Junior Classes. Rosette awards will be given for Adult Best of Show, Victor Ries Creativity Award, Judges Award of Distinction and People’s Choice. A rosette will be given to the Junior Best of Show and a People’s Choice Award.
  13. People’s Choice: Each person will be allowed to vote one time for their favorite design from any of the Adult artistic designs during convention. Each person will also be allowed to vote one time for their favorite Junior artistic exhibit during convention. Your choice does not have to be a blue ribbon winner. A number will assigned to each design. Votes will be counted and the winner will be announced on the last day of the convention.
  14. Challenge Class: A creative design. Designers will be provided with similar containers and plant material. Containers will provided by David & Keiko Hergesheimer. Designers need to bring their own tools. (Also see Rule11.) This class will be judged. Designers will be chosen through a lottery method on May 20, 2022. Interested designers should submit their name and phone number to Deborah Graham, flower show chair, by May 16, 2022. Challenge Class Lottery winners will be notified by phone, after registration for convention is confirmed.
  15. Adult and Junior exhibitors must preregister by contacting the convention show chair: Deborah Graham at (937)747-2474 or email Classes will be filled in the order in which reservations are received.


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