Exhibitors and Judges School #2

Exhibitors and Judges School

By Christine Michael and Charlene Margetiak. Co-Chairs

Are you looking forward to Exhibitors and Judges School #2 on August 27-28, 2021? It will be held at the Crowne Plaza, Columbus North-Worthington.

Registration is $45 per day and can be made via the OAGC website or by mail. Please make room reservations directly with the hotel, 1-877-227-6963.

We held School #1 via Zoom for 50 participants. It was an historic first for OAGC! We also introduced the Module concept. This includes chapter reading from the OAGC Handbook for Exhibitors and Judges and study guides, as well as supportive information which was emailed to paid registrants prior to the school. Instructors’ presentations include a hands-on session followed by question and answers.

Many participants commented on how helpful they found the study guides were to help them prepare for the topics. We will continue to send the material to registered participants prior to each school.

School #2 topics will include gladiolus* Ch. 26; succulents and cactus* Ch. 26; plant identification*; zinnia Ch. 41 and marigolds Ch. 34; and tips for exhibiting.

Design topics: traditional basic designs* Ch. 12; miniature and small designs Ch. 4; planning and staging flower shows; and schedule writing Ch. 1-3.

Elements and principles of design are reviewed; judging and procedures are addressed, and a hands-on design study is offered.

Participants should review the topic chapters in the OAGC Handbook for Exhibitors and Judges prior to the school.

Copies of the OAGC Handbook for Exhibitors and Judges may be purchased from the OAGC Sales Secretary, Naomi Ormes, for $25 plus postage. She can be contacted at OAGCSalesSec@gmail.com

Exhibitors and Judges School Co-Chairs


2021 School #2 Registration Form

Please print and fill out the below form and bring with you to the event.

An emergency contact form is one of those “just in case” things you don’t want to have to use, but should have ready and updated. Unfortunately, as we all know; emergencies of any kind can happen anywhere. Even at an OAGC event- there have been instances where 911 was called! Having the names and numbers readily available can be a lifesaver and most likely, if you are suffering a medical emergency, you might not be able to verbally communicate. Your cell phone might be turned off/password protected to access your contact list. Simply stated, the information is needed only in case of emergency and we wish to be prepared for such an event. Your information will be kept confidential, shared only on a need-to-know basis, and used only in an emergency but will be readily accessible at OAGC events by one person in charge. We recommend the use at any garden club event, whether it be state, regional, or local.

Emergency Contact Form

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